Since 2014, UMC has delivered some of the best in Black TV and film for your streaming pleasure. Now heading into a new year, we plan to continue doing so, but with a new look and a new name – ALLBLK – starting January 2021.


Is this still UMC?


Yes! But better.


ALLBLK still has all of your favorite originals like Double Cross and Craig Ross Jr.’s Monogamy with a continued focus on content that highlights Black talent and creativity. The ALLBLK library will continue to feature popular and exclusive original series, must see independent films, nostalgic Black cinema, lively stage plays, popular network TV, and much more. Available whenever you want – wherever you are. All day. All night. ALLBLK.


What changed? 


You’ll notice a few changes on our website, content and social media. These changes do not impact your subscription but instead make for one seamless streaming experience. Some of the changes you may notice include:


  • Our website URL is now and the colors across our website and apps will now reflect the color palette of the new ALLBLK logo beginning January 2021.
  • My UMC will become ‘my stuff’ where you can find all of your account info, watchlists etc.
  • A pretty cool intro reel has been added to the beginning of some of your favorite ALLBLK originals beginning January 2021.
  • If you’re subscribed to our mailing list (and you should be!) you’ll notice the sender will become ALLBLK.
  • Your monthly subscription price will remain the same, but you may notice the name of the charge has changed to ALLBLK beginning January 2021.


How does the rebrand affect me?


All of these changes and upgrades have virtually no impact on you (unless, you count all the new content you’ll have to watch)! Just sit back, relax and enjoy ALLBLK.



What does ALLBLK mean?


As we embarked on the journey of selecting a new name it was important to embrace everything, we intended and aspired for the streaming service to be going forward. ALLBLK is our promise to you as the first streaming service for Black TV and film to be celebratory of Black culture, supportive of black creators and talent across the diaspora, and a go to destination for fans of Black entertainment.

Where will ALLBLK be available?


ALLBLK will continue to be available everywhere UMC was – including iOS, Android, Amazon Prime Video Channels, Apple TV and Apple TV Channels, Roku and Roku Channels, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube TV, Cox, DISH, Sling TV, Charter and more at the same price.