*ALLBLK's upcoming schedule is below. This schedule will be updated as shows are confirmed.  For more updates on upcoming programming, follow ALLBLK on Facebook.  

Upcoming Premieres

January 1st

Stomp The Yard

The Temptations

Right To Offend

Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now S5 E82

January 2nd

Life After Lockup S5B E5

January 4th

Brat Loves Judy S3 E15

Hush S2 Ep5

January 5th

Love After Lockup: Innocent After Lockup S5 E85

January 9th

Life After Lockup S5B E6

January 11th

Hush S2 Ep6

The Inventor: The Story of Garrett Morgan

January 16th

Life After Lockup S5B E7

January 18th

Hush S2 Ep7

Hush S2 Ep1

Double Cross S5 Ep1

Goon Squad

January 23rd

Life After Lockup S5B E8

January 25th


Adam + Eve

Hush S2 Ep8

Double Cross S5 Ep2

January 30th

Life After Lockup S5B E9